Why Dogs Bark When Alone

A barking dog can be a major problem for the owners, the
neighbors and the dog.  Few things are more annoying than a
dog that will constantly bark.  Big dog or small (sometimes
that shrill yappy little pooch can put your nerves on end)
all that barking can shatter your peace, and maybe more
importantly, the peace of your neighbors.

But, what about the dog?  A normal contented dog will be
lying peacefully.  It's only when something's not right that
he or she voices their displeasure.

One of the most common types of barking occurs only when the
rest of the pack leaves.  The dog lies quite and peaceful
during the time you are home together, but voice's its
displeasure when you leave it alone.

People naturally think its loneliness and will want to get a
companion, but let's explore this behavior some more before
we bring in another potential problem.  Maybe if we stop and
think about what's going on in the dog's mind it will give
us some clues.

Most animals have a pecking order

Dogs are pack animals.  A pack animal knows the pecking
order within the pack.  There's always a leader of the pack,
which is usually the strongest, or strongest willed, member
of the group.

Depending on how many individuals in the pack each member of
that group knows their position in relationship to each
other member, from the leader down to the lowest member.

Within your family the dog considers you and any other
members in your household as being their pack.  If they can
establish themselves as top dog they will do so.

So, what happen when everyone leaves?  If they think they
are the top dog in their pack and their pack leaves them the
dog tries to bring the pack back to where they are supposed
to be…at home with him.

Even humans have a pecking order

Are we humans any different?  If you are reading this I will
assume you are a human.  We get very upset if we lose one of
our pack members.

I remember my grandson used to think it was funny to hide
from his mother.  Once when they were in a department store
he hid under one of those round clothing displays in the
middle of the store.  She was completely frantic before she
finally found him.  She was separated from one under her

Your pack leader at home feels much the same way.  She
thinks her pack, that's under her protection, is out in the
world and in possible danger.

Does that give you some understanding of what your best
friend thinks?  No wonder he or she barks all day.  They do
not have a cell phone where they can stay in constant
contact by texting all day.  They are thinking maybe if I
bark loud enough and long enough someone will hear me…they
do, the neighbors, and they are not happy.

Be the leader of the pack

If you will establish yourself as the leader of the pack,
and relieve him or her from that duty of being responsible,
they can be at peace and not worry while you are gone.

How do you become leader of your pack?  You can't just pat
them on the head, throw them a treat and say "take it easy I
am in control now".  That just does not work.

Now, we do not have enough room in this short article to
explain exactly how to take control in your home.  But, I
know a professional trainer who has made a series of videos
on just about every behavior problem a dog can think of.

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