Stop Puppy Biting

Getting a new puppy in your home can sometimes be overwhelming. Puppies can be a problem, almost like having a new baby. You need to be prepared before you bring any dog into your home.

Puppies are used to playing with their brothers and sisters. They spend their day running, jumping, chewing, biting, pulling ears and sleeping. When they get home with you, you become the new playmate. Which, is fine, but you both need to learn the new rules.

If you do not establish the rules from the beginning you will have a hairy monster a few months down the road. The distinction between playing and playing too rough must be made clear. Puppies can learn, but it can take time... with some more than others.

Let’s start our new pup slowly and gently. Remember, he is still young and has a ton of stuff to learn about his or her world. So, be gentle and do not push him beyond what he can understand. At the same time it is ok to establish clear boundaries...this is what his mother and playmates do.

1. If the pup bites too hard say “ouch” and stop the play. If you watch puppies when one of them gets too rough the other gives a whelp and leaves, which is the next step.

2. When they continue to bite say “ouch”, put her down and leave. Don’t come back for a few minutes as punishment. Be persistent, do this every time she gets out of line and she will soon get the idea. This is how they learn.

3. When you call a pup have a chew toy in your hand. Stick the toy in their mouth to let them know what acceptable play is.

4. If they drop the toy and go for body parts go through the same routine. Say ouch, stop the play and leave.

5. You must be very patient. Remember their young brain is still taking in all that information. Above all do not yell or swat them. That will only confuse the dog and make matters more difficult.

6. If the pup is between 6 to 8 months old and is still sinking those needle teeth in your flesh and cloths it is time to go for the heavy artillery. Get some Bitter Apple spray and spray him in the mouth when he is biting or hanging on to your pant leg. Many people have reported great success with this. Just do not be lazy and start the spray before trying the other steps. This is considered one of the last steps before going for professional help.

Another may be best to stay away from those training classes in the big box stores. There is, usually, so much going on there it is hard for you and your dog to concentrate.

Pups usually learn quickly if given the chance. The main thing is to be patient and persistent. Plus, always be consistent in your training. Do the same thing every time for whatever you are training them for, otherwise they will be frustrated and not get it, or quit.

If you follow the above steps you will have a happy playmate and a pup you can be proud of...even when the mother-in-law comes over.

To learn more about how to train a puppy or dog "click here" .

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